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       "Attorneys passionately committed to offering legal representation consistent with the belief that all situations are as unique as the clients who experience them"

McManus Law offers over a decade of legal experience, passion and commitment to all of our clients.  
     Currently we primarily service the
Monroe, Wingate, Indian Trail, Weddington and Waxhaw areas of
     Union County, North Carolina. Our practice is generally limited to serving Union County with exceptions
     being offered on a case by case basis in
Charlotte, NC and Mecklenburg County. We work passionately
     and diligently to provide our clients fair compensation and justice. Our office extensively specializes in the
     areas of
Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Personal Injury and Wills and Probate.
We at McManus Law understand that the need for legal representation arises out of variety of unique
     situations that may be sensitive in nature. We therefore pride ourselves in offering unique representation
     consistent with the belief that all situations are as unique as the clients who experience them. We offer the
     utmost legal integrity while superseding the expectations with competent, personal attorneys, who utilizes
     all aspects of the judicial process to achieve maximum results for our clients.
     Our commitment to our clients is the essence of our practice. One of our Most valuable services to our
     potential clients are our low cost initial in office or virtual consultations. Virtual consultations conveniently
     allow you to meet with an attorney from work or home on your computer. These consultations are an
     opportunity for our attorneys to answer any questions that you may have relating to your current situation
     and any issues that will forseeably arise as a result of your situation in the future. During this initial
     consultation you will spend approximately one hour with an attorney.  Please contact us today for your 
     appointment with a
Union County attorney, and put our knowledge and expertise to the test.


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